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The 20/21 Spring-Summer Collection

November 03, 2020 2 min read

 Welcome to the Maggie the Label 20/21 Spring-Summer Collection blog series. In this series we will give you some insight into the collection, revealing what inspired us and how it all came together. 



For this collection we have focussed on producing all of our garments using premium European linen. This distinct material is highly breathable, making it perfect for hot and humid environments. It is also light weight meaning that our pieces can become part of a layered outfit without weighing you down. Linen is also a highly ranked sustainable fabric, which makes it perfect for your sustainable fashion requirements.

This collection is inspired by the concept of effortless and subtle confidence. We aimed to create quintessential timeless pieces that you can enjoy having in your wardrobe for years. This is truly a timeless collective, embodying an effortless and relaxed style.



All of the people who have a stake in making your garments are hardworking Australians, like you. We treat every one of our business partners like family and they are committed to making remarkable, outstanding garments. All of our business partners provide above standard working conditions to ensure that you receive superbly crafted garments. 

Still (as always) Designed and Made in Australia
Since our inception we have had three core pillars:
1. Manufacture ethically;
2. Use sustainable fabrics; and
3. Design and manufacture in Australia
This will never change and this is our commitment to you.


We look forward to serving you and can’t wait to see you flaunting pieces from our latest collection.


Maggie Meehan
Maggie Meehan

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