Our Sustainability 

We love the planet, its people and all the creatures that dwell here.

We care about maintaining the planets natural beauty and contributing to the restoration of its natural state and equilibrium. 

We understand that the natural world has limits and believe that land is not a commodity, it’s a basis of life. We are determined to reduce our impact and drive better practices that are more sustainable and will benefit nature and humans alike.

Through sustainable and thoughtful practices our key drivers for reducing our impact on the planet are water consumption and pollution control, waste management and mitigation and thoughtful fabric and design selection. 

We Love Animals  

We feel like we have hit a point in our evolution where we just want to love and respect everything.

We will not use any animal products at MTL and send all our love and admiration to the kind souls out there fighting for animal rights.

Our Fabrics

We love linen. A big part of the reason why we lean towards linen is for its durability (30% stronger than cotton), linen is made from flax plant (every part of the plant is used) and does not require any pesticides or additional water other than rainwater. Linen is organic, biodegradable, recyclable and great for people with allergies and sensitive skin.

We are slowly introducing other fabrics such as hemp and organic cotton.  We only use natural fibres.   

Wear with Care

Wash all of your favourite garments in cold cycles and always wait until you have a full cycle ready to include them in – this will significantly cut down your energy consumption. Wash your garments less and wear each item a few times before you wash. Air drying and stain removers are great ways to keep your garments clean before needing to wash.

We make our own washing detergent but love places like The Source where you an purchase environmentally friendly detergent with no plastic packaging.

We are really big believers in wearing the same garment over and over again and design all out our pieces to stay with you for years always picking quality over quantity. 

Packaging + Operations

All of the packaging that we use to send our items are made from recycled biodegradable materials including our envelopes, tissue paper, labels and paper.

We post our items via Sendle (which is a certified B Corp) and Australia Post.

We donate fabric rolls that we will not be using to up and coming designers and create samples out of them.

If you would like any further information regarding our sustainability please contact