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We Love The Planet

Its people and all the creatures that dwell here. We care about maintaining the planets natural beauty and contributing to the restoration of its natural state and equilibrium. 

We understand that the natural world has limits and believe that land is not a commodity, it's a basis of life. 


We are determined to reduce our impact and drive better practices that are more sustainable and will benefit nature and humans alike. 

Through sustainable and thoughtful practices our key drivers for reducing our impact on the plant are water consumption and pollution control, waste management and mitigation and thoughtful fabric and design selection.


We Love Animals

At Maggie the Label, we feel like we have hit a point in our evolution where we just want to love and respect everything.  

We will not use any animal products at Maggie the Label and send all of our love and admiration to the kind souls out there fighting for animal rights. 


 Our Fabrics 

Australian Made Organic Cotton

We use ACO certified organic cotton jersey that is grown in India and spun and woven in Australia. We purchase our organic cotton from OCC Apparel.

Surplus Fabric

Surplus fabric is excess fabric from someone else’s production. Here are some of the reason why we think surplus fabric is great:

  • We are saving the fabric from making its way to landfill which could take up to 200 years to biodegrade
  • We are also helping other businesses to move excess/left over stock and we whole heartedly believe in supporting each other to reduce environmental impacts
  • We are reducing our environmental impact by not creating any fabrics for our production. 

We source our surplus fabric from several different places including off-shore and on shore fabric manufacturers such and Wall Fabrics and Jacks Textiles, op shop warehouse and fabric stores.

Our Organic Bamboo and Tencel are surplus fabric, we do not get any of our Organic Bamboo or Tencel made and purely use other manufacturers left overs. 


We purchase our linen fabric from Wall Fabrics and it is also surplus stock.

The reason why we are moving towards linen is for its durability (30% stronger than cotton), linen is made from flax plant (every part of the plant is used) and does not require any pesticides or additional water other than rain water. Linen is organic, biodegradable, recyclable and great for people with allergies and sensitive skin.


We Love Manufacturing

and the craftsmanship involved in creating a garment. Each one of or items is thoughtfully handcrafted on the South Coast of NSW Australia. We have a handful of beautiful seamstresses that take care, time and consideration in creating our items and love what they do. 

We are passionate about manufacturing in Australia and ensuring that we create a company that benefits our employees and customers.

Our employees are protected under the Australian Fair Work Act and paid higher than the Australian Standard Textile, Clothing, Footwear and Associated Industries Award 2010 (MA000017). We have flexible working agreements in place and ensure that our employees are continually developing and enhancing their skill set.


Packaging and Operations

All the packaging that we use to send our items is made from recycled biodegradable materials including our envelopes, tissue paper, labels and paper.

We post our items via Sendle (which is a certified B Corp) and Australia Post.

We are in the processes of creating a product from our scrap fabric, we also donate fabric rolls that we will not be using to up and coming designers and create samples out of them.

If you would like any further information regarding our sustainability please contact