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u n   s o g n o   i l l u s o r i o

Introducing our latest collection ‘un sogno illusorio’ (An Illusive Dream).
Inspired by an Italian dream and the desire to bring the romance of the Mediterranean to you. With whimsical and feminine undertones, this collection tells the story of getting lost in a charming Italian village filled with candlelit trattorie, pink, orange and sand coloured houses and wondering through cobblestone alleyways that lead you to awe inspiring French gardens.  
This collection is curated with colours that are reflective of deep Tuscan sunsets, warm Italian skies and Mediterranean architecture and landscapes which we tie in with calming earth tones, grounding us to our Australian roots where all of our garments are designed and manufactured.
Finally, we pay homage to the ever elusive creative genius (a nod to Elizabeth Gilbert) that lives inside of all of us, we feel honoured to spend our lives dancing in your divine collective art.
Sammy and India are photographed by Luca Prodigo at Guestlands Boutique in Arcadia, NSW.